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The Modern Greek Propaganda


The Greek Propaganda claiming that the ancient Macedonians "were Greek", extensively bombards the Internet, libraries, and bookstores. Below are the main points of the Greek propaganda, which is examined in details. One can easily see that all of these claims are absurd in the eyes of the history and are completely unsupported by credible evidence. Thus, the goal of this page is to provide the audience with all evidence (ancient and modern), and to prove the absurdity of the modern Greek claims that the ancient Macedonians "were Greek".


* Greek Claim 1: "Macedonia is a Greek land"

* Greek Claim 2: "Ancient Macedonians were Greeks"

* Greek Claim 3: "Philip II from Macedon united the Greek states"

* Greek Claim 4: "Alexander's conquest was a Greek conquest"

* Greek Claim 5: "Alexander's army was a Greek army"

* Greek Claim 6: "There is no ancient Macedonian Language but a Greek dialect"


Unlike the Greek Propagandists Internet websites, we are not afraid to show the reader the opinion on the opposite site. Below are the 5 of the Greeks internet sites which have the same agenda to propagate that the Macedonians had always been Greeks, that Macedonia has always been part of Greece, that there is no Macedonian nation, etc.


* Pan-Macedonian Network http://www.macedonia.com

* Macedonian FAQ (Hellenic)http://www.abest.com/~angelos/macfaq.html

* A Very Brief History of Macedonia http://www.abest.com/~angelos/history.html

* The Truth About Macedonia http://truth.macedonia.gr/

* Macedonian Heritage http://www.macedonian-heritage.gr/


We have examined the allegations of the modern Greek websites, picked up the so-called site "The Truth About Macedonia http://truth.macedonia.gr/", and easily exposed their distortions to light.


We encourage the reader to examine the allegations of the modern Greek websites and notice exactly how they are distorting the truth about Macedonia. One can easily see that non of the above 5 Greek propagandist sites has presented any of the overwhelming ancient and modern evidence which proves the contrary of their erroneous claim, and that is that Macedonians had never been Greeks, that Macedonia has never been part of Greece, that there is had been and still exist a Macedonian nation, and that part of that Macedonian nation as minority in Greece today has been brutally oppressed ever since Greece occupied 51% of Macedonia. Obviously not being able to comprehend the reality and face the facts, they have simply purposely avoided all of the following overwhelming evidence:


* Documents of the Continued Existence of Macedonia and the Macedonian Nation for a period of over 2500 years.

* Ancient Quotes on the Macedonians as Distinct Nation

* Diodorus

* Plutarch

* Pausanias

* Livy

* Herodotus

* Justin

* Isocrates

* Ptolemy

* Polybius

* Demosthenes

* Arrian

* Ephoros

* Medius of Larisa

* Dionysius Periegetes

* Curtius Rufus

* Josephus

* Thracymachus

* Pseudo-Scylax

* Thucydides

* Strabo

* Pseudo-Herodotus

* Dionysius son of Kalliphon

* Modern Historians on the Macedonians as Distinct Nation

* Greeks and Macedonians

* The Ancient Macedonians and Their Language

* Why were the Macedonians styled as "Greeks" in the 19th Century?

* Why is Greece Stealing the Macedonian History?

* The King of the Greeks on the Greek Occupation of Macedonia

* The Macedonian-Greek Conflict

* Greek Evidence on the Authenticity of the Macedonians

* Map of Aegean Macedonia showing the areas where Macedonians live

* Human Rights Watch International Condemns Greece for Oppressing the Macedonians

* Greek Helsinki on the Macedonian Minority in Greece

* Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the Macedonians in Greece

* Greece Condemned for Discriminating against Macedonian Minority

* Aegean Part of Macedonia after the Balkan Wars

* Memorandum sent by the Macedonians to the Balkan states

* Declaration of the Association of banished Macedonians from the Republic of Greece

* Petition Association of the Macedonians of the Aegean Part of Macedonia

* Greek Evidence on the Authenticity of the Macedonians

* Why Macedonia and the Macedonians had never been Greek?


Why are the Greek webpages hiding these facts? Why do they not mention the words of Diodorus, Justin, Pausanias, etc, etc, etc? Why are they afraid to present them to the Internet readers? Precisely because they prove that the Macedonians are not, and have never been Greeks, but a distinct nation with their own language, customs, and traditions. The silence of the Greeks about the above authentic ancient and modern evidence is only a proof of the defeat of their propaganda which the ancients would find laughable.


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