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Who are we

More then 100 years ago Macedonia, the ancient land of Alexander the Great, still lay at the hands of the Ottoman Turkish conquerors.  Its Balkan neighbors Greece, Serbia, and Bulgaria, had recently won their independence from the Turks, but not long afterwards all three newly formed countries laid their claims on Macedonian land, actively conspiring for its new occupation.  The three countries launched immense propaganda justifying their claims on Macedonia and so emerged the so-called "Macedonian Question", which is nothing but three conflicting and contracting views: (1) that the Macedonians were Greeks (the view of Greece), (2) that the Macedonians were Bulgarians (the view of Bulgaria), and (3) that the Macedonians were Serbs (the view of Serbia).   The strategic location of Macedonia drew the attention of the world powers who now also begun actively involved by siding on the side of their particular Balkan allies and supporting their views which aligned with their own interests. 

The Macedonians, who were already organizing and fighting against the Turkish occupation for the liberation of Macedonia under the slogan "Macedonia for the Macedonians", were now facing three new enemies that would do anything to disrupt their struggle for freedom and independence.  The Macedonian uprisings in the 1870's and 1903 were suppressed and with the Balkan wars (1912-3), Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Albania, succeeded in partitioning and occupying the territories of Macedonia. The Macedonian nation found itself divided by the new borders, and now, almost a century since that partition, the Macedonians in Greece, Bulgaria, and Albania are still not given their basic human rights.  The three countries have repeatedly been condemned for their oppression of their sizable Macedonian minorities. 

This website is dedicated to this struggle of the Macedonian nation and its documented 25 centuries of history.   We are Macedonians, not Greeks, not Serbs, not Bulgarians, not Slavs.  We are Macedonians just like our Macedonian forefathers who more then 100 years ago fought for free and independent Macedonia, and struggled against the Greek, Serbian, andBulgarian propaganda, and we are Macedonians just like our ancestors who conquered the Persian Empire and ruled the known world for centuries before Rome was even a power.  We proudly present you, the reader, with our rich history beginning with its roots in Ancient Macedonia.  The Macedonians are the oldest European nation who had continuously existed for more the 2,500 years, and "Macedonia was the first large territorial state with an effective centralized political, military and administrative structure to come into being on the continent of Europe".  We hope that you will find this website informative and enjoyable.  Thank you for visiting.



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