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Association of the Macedonians of the Aegean Part of Macedonia



- The Secretary General of UN - New York

- The Secretary General of the European Council

- The European Unity - Brussels

- The high commissariat of human right - Geneva

- The Government of Republic of Macedonia

- The Government of Republic of Greece

- O S C E - Wien - Austria

- The European Public

SUBJECT: Demand of Human Rights And Freedom

FROM: The Macedonians born in the Aegean part of Macedonia today Northern Greece - as an autochtone ethnic population - expelled in the war time of 1945-49 in Greece - today's place of living - R. of Macedonia, Europe, Asia and overseas countries

AGAINST: Republic of Greece

Related to our Request of: February 1996 And July 1996

Bitola - 1997


We are born in the Aegean part Macedonia - today Northern Greece as autochtone ethnical Macedonians, in our father's native homes, where our ancestors have been living for thousands of years.

In Greece - in the period of 1945 - 1949 - the civil war storm raged. The progressive forces of the Greek people together with the other population and nationalities in Greece were fighting to create one modern society and better life.

We too the ETHNICAL MACEDONIANS joined the movement looking for human right and national equality.

The Greek chauvinist authorities had thrown their entire rage over the Macedonian people. They have carried out terror and violence transforming them into a genocide over us the Macedonians.

Running out of such a terror - we have abandoned our born homes and living now in R of Macedonia while our brothers and sisters are dispersed across Eastern Europe, Europe, Asia, America, Canada and Australia.

We are POLITICAL REFUGEES from Greece.

Any entering in Greece is forbidden for us. Our taken proprieties were given to the colonists brought by the government from Asia Minor, Black sea regions, Caucuses and other places.

Therefore we submit this request of ours - Petition to the UN in New York and Geneva, to the European community - where we belong and demand:

We demand recognition of the status of POLITICAL REFUGEES.

Free entering in Greece.

Recognition of the legal subject of us the political refugees, recognition and valuation of the passports we received in the countries we live - with all our particularities entered in them.

We demand a right to a free return - repatriation on our born places - possessing and managing our father's propriety.

Our return - repatriation - is to be as ethnical autochtone Macedonians.

We ask the European Council - to send their monitoring servicemen on the frontier crossings between Macedonia and Greece - to get acquainted with the visa - passport regime.


I. We demand from Greece, UN and the European Council.
- recognition of the right to political refugees

According to the:

a) Convention Relating to the status of refugees

- heading I article A-2

b) Temporary Agreement between Macedonia and Greece

- article 9

II. We are deprived of a free enter in Greece.

- Thousands of Macedonians born in Greece are returned from the Greek border officials op the frontier crossings - regardless of the countries they are coming form - Macedonia, America, Australia or Europe.

a) Temporary Agreement - article 9

b) Universal Declaration of human right 217 A III of December 10,1948, article 13

Quotation - "Every one is free to leave any country, included its own, as well as to return in its own country"

III. The citizen's legal subject when entering Greece in negated and insulted. Our passports are not accepted.

Those persons born in Greece - having passports from any country with the particulars showing that the person in Macedonian - are forced to change their data - giving them in Greek forms as the family names and names, the toponyms of the villages and towns. they are cross - examined about the origin of their father, mother, grandmother, grandfather and great - grandfather, with an intention to confirm that the person in question is Greek arid not Macedonian. The particularities they extract are put into a dossier and computerized. Such a person is to wait few days until it receives permission from the head of the place to enter.

The persons keeping their real particularities and data are returned from the border - crossing - insulted and disdained.

Deprived and violated rights relating to the:

a) Universal Declaration of human rights, article 6

b) international Convenant on civil and political rights 2200 A ~ December 16, 1966, part 111 article 12 p.4

c) international Convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination 2106 A~ January 4 1969.
article 5 - D

d) Convention relating to the status of refugees heading V article 28 about the traveling documents - p.2

Quotation: "The Contracting countries will recognize the passports issued bv their authorities"

IV. We are deprived from the right to a free return in our born places - REPATRIATION - to posses and manage our father's properties.

Deprived and violated rights related to the:

a) Universal Declaration of the human rights article 13 and 17

b) international Convention on the elimination 0 all forms of racial discrimination on. article 5 - D

Quotation. The contracting states will ensure to each refugee - if they like it - secure return to their own country."

V. Our entering - repatriation - in Greece, is to be without any preconditions. We shall return as ethnical Macedonians with all of our particularities:

- Right to the mothers Macedonian language

- Right to use the Cvrillic letter

- Macedonian orthodox religion

- cultural and historical heritage

- tradition and customs

a) Related to the Universal Declaration of human rights

- article 2

b) international Convenant on economic social and cultural rights

- article 13 p.3

c) international Convenant on civil and political rights

- article 17 18.19,21.27

VI. We ask from the European Council to send their monitoring service men on the frontier crossings between Macedonia and Greece - to get acquainted with the visa - passport regime carried out by the Greek authorities over the Macedonians born in Greece.


To accomplish our human rights and freedom - it is exigent that the UN. the European Council. European Unity and OSCE ask the government of Greece to respect and put into effect the Temporary Agreement between Macedonia and Greece as well as all conventions on the human rights and freedom.

The secretary general of the European Council is to ask - according to article 57 of the convention for human rights and freedom - "Each country to send a report about the way its internal right ensures real application of all decrees in this convention".

It is an utmost time for the European community to demand from Greece to bring and apply laws enabling all citizen in the county,' to find their right and freedom, regardless of the nationality, the language, religion and culture.

It is exigent that Europe casts out those countries not recognizing any other nations nationalities or minorities in their state.

A special example today in Europe are the unique Bulgaria and Greece - declaring themselves as uni-national states. They carry out - GENOCIDE - at front of whole Europe.

The European community should withhold the financial support Greece colonizers "oldgreeks" - in our properties -tending to change the ethnical structure of the population and terminate the genocide over the Macedonian people.

With our great respect to YOU and whole association of Europe

For the presidency of ZMEDM

/ Popovski Aleksandar - President /

January - 1997 in Bitola

Our address is: ul Vasko Karangelevski b.b.
Hotel "Bitola" - Bitola
Republic of Macedonia
Tel. & Fax +389 97 224 633

To the name of : Association of the Macedonians from the Aegean part of Macedonia - Bitola


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