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Ancient Jewish Historian

"Greeks and Macedonians that dwelt there" [Antiquities,13.5.11] 

"…and gave them privileges equal to those of the Macedonians and Greeks, who were the inhabitants… [Antiquities, 12.3.1]


"…how much harder is to the Greeks, who were esteemed the noblest of all people under sun? These, although they inhabit a large country, are in subjection to six bundles of Roman rods.  It is the same case with the Macedonians, who have juster reason to claim their liberty then you have."  [Wars, 2.16.4]


"These Egyptians, therefore, were the authors of these troubles, who not having the constancy of Macedonians, nor the prudence of Greeks, indulged all of them the evil manners of the Egyptians" [Against Apion, 2.6.]




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