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Modern Historians on the Macedonians as Distinct Nation


Like the ancient historians, modern historiography correctly considers the ancient Macedonians as distinct nation, separate from the ancient Greek nation. Below are the names of among the most respectable American, German, French, and British modern historians, which have written extensive studies about the ethnicity of the ancient Macedonians, the history of the Macedonian nation, or the history of Alexander the Great.


1) Eugene Borza

8) George Rawlinson M.A

2) E.Badian

9) Ulrich Wilcken

3) Peter Green

10) M.Grant

4) A.B.Bosworth

11) F.Reed

5) N.G.L.Hammond

12) David G Hogarth

6) Werner Jaeger

13) P.A. Brunt

7) Pierre Jouguet

12) American Philological Association


However, there are some modern historians who do not accept the fact that the Macedonians were non-Greeks. Regardless, their error is easily detected and one can see that such error results either from a lack of knowledge on the subject, or because of an attempt to misrepresent the Macedonians by intentionally ascribing them a Greek nationality. We will analyze their mistakes in the Distortions page.



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