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Greek General in the Macedonian Army

Eumenes (c. 360-316 B.C.) of Cardia in the Thracian Chersonese, was the only Greek who rose to power among the leading Macedonians after the death of Alexander the Great. Plutarch brackets Eumenes with the Roman Sertorius as soldiers endowed with genius in the handling of foreign troops as Eumenes was one of the very few Greeks who commanded Macedonian armies. He was first employed as secretary by Philip II and accompanied Alexander to Asia as chief of the royal secretariat. But Alexander seems to have recognized military talent in him and gave Eumenes at least one small command in India. In 324 Alexander appointed him to one of the highest posts in the Macedonian army, that of a hipparch. After Alexander's death, Eumenes was made governor of Cappadocia and became trusted lieutenant of Perdiccas. In 321 Eumenes defeated the invading army from Macedonia of general Craterus. After Antipater's death Eumenes was harried by the forces of Antigonus but received support from Polyperchon. He was placed in command of the veteran corps of Macedonian infantry known as the Silver Shields and commissioned to raise forces for Polyperchon in Asia Minor. He conducted a skillful running war with Antigonus for two years, until he was finally betrayed by the Macedonian Silver Shields, captured and executed. His Greek ethnicity cost him his life.


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