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Macedonian Army General

The Macedonian general Craterus (c. 362-321 B.C.) was outstanding among the younger Macedonian generals of Alexander the Great. He came to occupy the Place which Parmenio had held in the early years, after Alexander had ordered his murder. Alexander trusted him thoroughly. In 324 he was charged with the task of bringing back 11,000 Macedonian veterans to Macedonia and was appointed to replace Antipater in Europe. Immediately after Alexander's death he was appointed guardian of King Philip III Arrhidaeus, the half-brother of Alexander the Great, son of Philip II. In the summer Of 322 Craterus crossed to Macedonia and there joined the Macedonian armies of Antipater which had been expelled by the Greeks from Greece in the Lamian War. Craterus and Antipater then jointly marched into Greece and engaged the Greek rebel forces at Crannon. The defeat of the Greeks reestablished the Macedonian occupation. Craterus then married Antipater's daughter Phila and strengthened the link with the old general. In 321 he joined Antipater in the war against Perdiccas but in a battle near the Hellespont was defeated and killed by Perdiccas' lieutenant Eumenes.

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