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Perdiccas (c. 360-321 B.C.) was member of a princely family of the province of Orestis in upper Macedonia. He served with distinction under Alexander, whose leading general he became after the death of Hephaestion and the return of Craterus to Europe. The dying Alexander entrusted him with the royal seal: this gave him the primacy in the Council of Generals in Babylon which disposed of the empire and the succession. In 322 he requested the hand in marriage of Antipater's daughter Nicaea but then rejected her for Alexander's sister, Cleopatra which was offered to him by her mother Olympias. Although the marriage never took place, this action was represented by Antigonus as implying that Perdiccas aimed at usurping the crown and caused an irreparable breach with Antipater. In 321 Antipater invaded Asia Minor, while Perdiccas had already marched south to attack Ptolemy in Egypt. He failed to force the crossing of the Nile and lost many men in the attempt, whereupon his troops mutinied and murdered him.





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