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Bulgarian Falsification of Macedonian History
The Stone Inscriptions Case


Macedonia was partitioned after the Balkan Wars in 1913 among Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Albania. Bulgaria took the Pirin part of the country and renamed the Macedonians into "Bulgarians", and since had engaged in a politics of oppression. But the Bulgarian government had attempted to falsify the history of Macedonia and present the Macedonians as "Bulgarians", even long before it conquered Pirin Macedonia. Below is example which dates from the 19th century.


1. The Voden Inscription

During September 1997 a Greek national with "Bulgarian identity" from Voden named Stoidis appeared in Sofia at the National Historical Museum and declared to the Director Bozidar Dimitrov that he has in his possession a stone inscription found in Voden (Edessa) during the reconstruction of a local church. The Director declared the inscription a fake made by Bulgarian nationalists in the 19th Century. Apparently the whole story was published in the Bulgarian daily Kontinent on "02.10.1997." This is the Bulgarian fabricated stone inscription by "Tsar Samuil" found in Voden (Edessa), Greece.

Rough translation into English of the text on the fake stone: "In the city of Voden, I Samuil, faithful to Christ, Emperor of the Bulgars and Romans, Godsent emperor of all lands from Raska to Macedonia, Thessaly and Greece, nephew of the old Shishman who was Khan of the inhabitants of Trnovo, built this prayer home, to exist forever. The foundation were laid in the epoch of Jeremiah, who was the first Christian in Melnik. This temple was built for the sins and saving of the Bulgars from damned Satan, who comes from Constantinople. This temple was finished during the 14th year of my rule with the help of monk Gavril, who is the spiritial shepherd of the inhabitants of Meglen. Written during year 6497 from the foundation of the world (989 A.D), 5th Indiction."


2. Gotse Delchev

As we can see the Bulgarians had engaged in falsification of the Macedonian history for over a century, in order to justify their "historical" claim on the Macedonian land. The stone inscription from the 19th century was manufactured precisely with that intend. Ironically, the Sofia National Historical Museum revealed the truth.

The Bulgarian falsification of Macedonian history is still desperately attempting to present the Macedonians as Bulgarians.  Numerous alleged letters of the Macedonian revolutionaries from the late 19th and early 20th century (including Goce Delchev) have been "discovered" by the Bulgarian historians where the Macedonian revolutionaries explicitly refer to themselves as "Bulgarians".

One look at the inscription above and it is clear that the Bulgarians are also manufacturing and falsifying these alleged letters of the Macedonian revolutionaries. After all, the Macedonian revolutionaries fought for independent Macedonia and the motto of the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (VMRO) was "Macedonia for the Macedonians".  When it comes to Goce Delchev, the Bulgarians can not falsify his most famous thought which came before his death and the partition of Macedonia:

"Macedonia has its own interests and its own politics which belong to the Macedonians. The one who works for joining of Macedonia to Bulgaria, Greece, or Serbia, can consider himself as a good Bulgarian, Greek, or Serb, but not as good Macedonian" (Gotse Delchev).


The Macedonian newspaper "Narodna Volja", published by the ethnic Macedonians in Pirin Macedonia always puts Goce's words on its front page, right below his picture. If the Bulgarians wish to believe that the Macedonians are "Bulgarians", they should also know that the Macedonians in Bulgaria have not subscribed to the 100 year old Bulgarian falsification.



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