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Nikolaos Martis (Nicolaos Martis) and A.B. Daskalakis - Modern Greek Falsifiers of Macedonian History

Speaking of the statement where the ancient Greek Thrasymachus refers to the Macedonian king Archelaus as barbarian i.e. non-Greek, the modern Greek writer Daskalakis claims that the ancient Macedonians were nevertheless Greek, despite what Thrasymachus had written. Here is Professor Eugene Borza’s response to Daskalakis:

"Daskalakis (Hellenism, 234) contended that Thrasymachus was not referring to barbarians in a usual sense. The passage, he argued, should be taken ‘in its rhetorical slant of a difference between advanced and backwards Greeks in an intellectual sense.’ This is strained and unconvincing." (Eugene Borza, In the Shadow of Olympus, p.165)

Borza, who is referred by the American Philological Association as a "Macedonian Specialist" can not be more correct. The Greeks clearly called all non-Greeks barbarians. Based on Daskalakis's statement, are we now supposed to believe that the Thracians (which the Greeks also called barbarians) were also some kind of "backward Greeks" in an "intellectual sense"? We do not see however the modern Greek authors claim that.  Daskalakis's argument is simply incorrect.

Speaking of the credibility of the modern Greek writers, Professor Borza had written regarding Daskalakis and Martis the following:

"The fullest statement of the "Greek" position, and also the most detailed study of the Macedonian language, is by Kallaris, Les anciens Macidoniens, esp. 2: 488-531, in which alleged Greek elements in the Macedonian language are examined exhaustively. A more chauvinistic (and less persuasive) point of view can be found in Daskalakis, Hellenism, esp. pts. 2. and 3. The most blatant account is that of Martis (The Falsification of Macedonian History). This book, written by a former Minister for Northern Greece, is an polemical anti-Yugoslav tract so full of historical errors and distortions that the prize awarded it by the Academy of Athens serves only to reduce confidence in the scientific judgment of that venerable society of scholars." (Eugene Borza, In the Shadow of Olympus, p.91-92)

It is clear that the modern Greek writers, in their quest to forcefully portray the ancient Macedonians as Greek, are failing in the eyes of scientific judgment. Their works are described as "chauvinistic", "not persuasive", and "full of historical errors and distortions". Furthermore, it is obvious that the modern Greek writers are writing such blatant books not because of their scientific beliefs that the Macedonians were Greek, but because of their political motivation to justify the Greek occupation on 51% of Macedonian territory with the partition of 1913. This is precisely why Martis’ book is a depicted as an anti-Yugoslav tract. These books should be barred from any library since their creators are not historians but chauvinistic fabricators.


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