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 Concise History of Macedonia


 Map of Historical Ethnic Macedonia

 Timeline of the History of Macedonia
 Short history of Macedonia
 Documents of the Continued Existence of Macedonia and the Macedonian Nation for a period of over 2500 years.
 Why Macedonia and the Macedonians had never been Greek?
 Genetic Research 1: Ancient Macedonian Genes found in Today's Macedonian Nation, not-related to the Greek Nation

 The full report of the Genetic Research 1 showing today's Macedonians are direct descendents of the ancient Macedonians

 Genetic Research 2: Genetic differences between Macedonians in Greece and the Greeks new

 Macedonia and Greece (analysis of the Macedonian-Greek conflict)  by John Shea new
 Similarities Between Ancient Macedonian and Today's Macedonian Culture
by Prof. Alexander Donski of Macedonia
 Why the Macedonians and the Bulgarians are two Separate Nations?

 Ancient Macedonia

 The Distinctive Ethnicity of the Macedonians
 Differences Between the Ancient Macedonians and the Ancient Greeks by J.S. Gandeto new
 Ancient Quotes on the Macedonians as Distinct Nation
 Diodorus - Plutarch - Pausanias - Livy - Herodotus - Justin - Isocrates - Ptolemy - Polybius - Demosthenes - Arrian

 Curtius Rufus - Josephus - Thracymachus - Pseudo-Scylax - ThucydidesStrabo -  Pseudo-Herodotus - Ephoros  
 Modern Historians on the Macedonians as Distinct Nation
 Greeks and Macedonians
by Ernst Badian (Harvard University)
 Greece and Macedon
by P.A. Brunt (translator of Arrian)
 The Ancient Macedonians and Their Language

 Ancient Macedonian - Distinct Indo-European Language new
 Why were the Macedonians styled as "Greeks" in the 19th Century?
 Why is Greece Stealing the Macedonian History?

 Macedonia and Greece (analysis of the Macedonian-Greek conflict)  by John Shea new
 The Modern Greek Propaganda

 "Pan-Macedonian" Association - Greek Racist Group  new
 Greek Propagandist Websites - the Case of
 The Distortions of Modern Western and Greek historians

 The Myth of Greek Ethnic Purity new

 History of Ancient Macedonia
 History of Ancient Macedonia
 Kings of Macedonia
 Philip II of Macedon - King of Macedonia new
 Alexander III the Great - King of Macedonia new
 Antipater - Macedonian Army General and Regent
 Perdiccas - Macedonian Army General
 Antigonus I the One-Eyed - Macedonian Army General
 Craterus - Macedonian Army General
 Cassander - King of Macedonia
 Eumenes - Greek General in the Macedonian Army
 Lysimachus - Macedonian King of Thrace
 History of the Macedonian rule in Asia and Egypt
 History of the Macedonian Kingdom in Asia
 Seleucus I - Macedonian King of Asia
 History of the Macedonian Kingdom in Egypt
 Ptolemy I - Macedonian King of Egypt

 Roman Macedonia

 Why the Byzantine Empire was not a "Greek Empire"?
 Macedonia from the Settlement of the Slavs to the Ottoman Empire
 The Macedonian Epoch
 The Macedonian Emperors of Byzantium  
 Origin and Ethnicity of Czar Samuel
 Origin and Ethnicity of SS. Cyril and Methodius

 Ottoman Macedonia

 Evidence of Macedonia in the Ottoman Period
 The Macedonian Uprising in Kresna 1878
 Attempts of Hellenization
 Statistics of the Population of Macedonia before its Partition and the "Macedonian Question"

 Partitioned Macedonia

 Map depicting the partition of Macedonia by Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Albania in 1913
 The Balkan Wars and the Partition of Macedonia  
 The Treaty of Bucharest, August 10, 1913
 The King of the Greeks on the Greek Occupation of Macedonia
 The Idea of Macedonian Liberation between the Two World Wars
 The Macedonian Question in Foreign Relations

 Independent Macedonia

 The Establishment of the Macedonian State In the Second World War
 Republic of Macedonia - From a Member State of the Yugoslav Federation to a Sovereign and Independent State
 Map of Independent Republic of Macedonia
 Macedonia in Pictures by MacedoniaFAQ

 Macedonian-Greek Conflict

 The Macedonian-Greek Conflict

 Macedonia and Greece (analysis of the Macedonian-Greek conflict)  by John Shea  new

 "Greece is an unworthy EU member" by Gunnar Nissen for Morgaenavisen Jyllands-Posten, Danemark
 Greek Evidence on the Authenticity of the Macedonians
 Summary of "the Inhabited Places in Aegean Macedonia"

 Macedonian Minorities in Greece, Bulgaria, and Albania

 Macedonians in Greece
 Map of Aegean Macedonia showing the areas where Macedonians live 
 Human Rights Watch International Condemns Greece for Oppressing the Macedonians

 Radio Free Europe Plea for Recognition of the Macedonian language in Greece
 Greek Helsinki on the Macedonian Minority in Greece
 Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the Macedonians in Greece
 Greece Condemned for Discriminating against Macedonian Minority
 Aegean Part of Macedonia after the Balkan Wars
 Memorandum sent by the Macedonians to the Balkan states
 Declaration of the Association of banished Macedonians from the Republic of Greece
 Petition Association of the Macedonians of the Aegean Part of Macedonia
 Greek Evidence on the Authenticity of the Macedonians

 Macedonians in Bulgaria
 The Macedonian Minority in Bulgaria

 Bulgaria has recognized the Macedonian Minority - April 12, 2002
 Bulgarian Falsification of Macedonian History
 Map of the Times Atlas of World History showing Pirin Macedonia as entirely Macedonian
 Why the Macedonians and the Bulgarians are two Separate Nations?

 Macedonians in Albania  
 The Macedonian Minority in Albania

 Council of Europe: Albania is a Multiethnic State new
 Macedonian and Greek Minorities in Albania Boycott the 2001 Census
 Macedonia Criticizes Albania over the 2001 Census  
 Kimet Fetahu - Macedonian Activist and University Professor in Tirana
 Edmond Temelko - President of the Macedonian organization "Prespa" in Albania

 Albanian Terrorism

 The Lies behind the Claim of the Albanian Terrorists for fight for more rights in Macedonia
 The Lies of the National Albanian American Council (NAAC) - Albanians in Macedonia: Facts and Fictions by Diana Johnstone
 Map of "Greater Albania" and the Propaganda of James Pettifer
 The KLA: Gangsters, Terrorists and the CIA by Michel Chossudovsky
 The Albanians are nor direct Descendants of the ancient Illyrians
 The Clear Fabrications of the Western Press
 The Half-Truths and Factual Inaccuracies of Western Media - Tipping the Scale by Eran Fraenkel
 The Western Betrayal of Macedonia -
 Washington Behind Terrorist Assaults in Macedonia by Michael Chossudovsky
 Albanian Terrorists armed by the West are destroying Macedonia - James Bisset Canada's former ambassador to Yugoslavia
 Albanian Terrorist Kidnappings and Brutal Torture of ethnic Macedonian citizens - Human Rights Watch
 Waist Deep in the Balkans and Sinking - Washington Confronts the Crisis in Macedonia by Cato Institute
 The Macedonian Record on Democracy

 Macedonian Symbols

 The Macedonian Sun
 The Macedonian Lion new  





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