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Kimet Fetahu
Macedonian activist and university professor in Tirana

Kimet Fetahu, University professor in Tirana, the capital of Albania, and doctor of science who studied and graduated in China, is the first Macedonian who as independent runs for the upcoming Parliament elections in Albania. In an interview with the Macedonian weekly "Makedonsko Sonce" (06/15/2001) he said the following:

"The Constitution of the Republic of Albania does not allow us (Macedonians) to form a political organization. That is the main reason why I am running as independent candidate. In fact, that is the wish of the people and all Macedonian population which lives in the area Golo Brdo."

"Until 1947 we had an education in the Macedonian language and we demand that schools be again opened in those areas where the Macedonians in Albania live." "Our indications are that in Republic of Albania live about 120,000 Macedonians."

"We have one center, offices, and library with Macedonian books, computers, and six times in the week there are courses in Macedonian language."

"I believe that the people of Golo Brdo and Bucica deserve to receive their economic and ethnic rights."

"We have met twice (with Max van der Stuel, European commissar for human rights) and expect that Europe really put its attention on us as it does on the Greek minority in Albania. We will continue to communicate in the future, because we know that Europe and the politicians very much "sleep". Our goal is to wake them up so that they can devote attention to the plight of the Macedonians in Albania."

The words of the Macedonian university professor in Albania confirm that the Macedonians in Albania do not have even close to the rights that the Albanians in Macedonia enjoy.



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