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Bulgaria: Trud daily says Bulgarian Church should recognize Macedonian Church
Sofia   4/21/2003  


One of the two most circulated daily newspapers in Bulgaria, Trud daily, called upon Bulgarian Bishopric to recognize the Macedonian Orthodox Church, noting that Bulgarian Prime Minister Simeon Sakskoburggotski attended a mass in Ohrid, during his three-day visit to Macedonia last weekend.
“On the occasion of 50th anniversary of recognition of Bulgarian Bishopric, it will be convenient that the members of the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Church to recollect their memories and admit how much important is for a nation to have its own independent church,” said Trud daily.
“Why the Macedonians should not feel such dignity?” said Trud daily, adding that the Bulgarians should be the first to grant such dignity to Macedonians. Trud daily underlines that Serbian and the Russian Church strongly oppose the independence of the Macedonian Church. Bulgarian bishop Maksim faced too many problems over the past few years due to his close relations with Macedonian bishops. “The fact that Bulgarian Prime Minister, the former king Simeon II, attended a mass said by Macedonian priests, could be considered as a prophase to recognition of the Macedonian Orthodox Church,” said Trud daily.



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