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Macedonia Criticizes Albania over the 2001 Census
MAKFAX, April 11, 2001


Macedonian Government has criticized Albanian authorities Wednesday for rejecting ethnic minority demands in that country to have "special graph" on the census forms.

"We deeply regret that Albania failed to meet the democratic principles by rejecting the ethnic minority (Greek and Macedonian) demands to have special graph on the census forms", said Macedonian Government Spokesman Antonio Milososki to the press Wednesday. He added that Macedonian Government has supported the idea for comparative analyses" to be prepared about the status of Macedonian ethnic minority in the neighboring countries.

"The Government is supporting the initiative a special document to be issued on this question".

Skopje and Tirana disputed the number of ethnic Macedonians in Albania. The Government in Tirana claims there are about 5,000 Macedonians in the country, while Macedonia's officials claim there are roughly 350,000 ethnic Macedonians in Albania with poor human rights.







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