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The Distortions of the Modern Western and Greek Historians


It is indeed shocking to see that despite the overwhelming ancient and modern evidence that clearly separates the Macedonians from the Greeks as two different peoples, there are still some authors to nonetheless portray them as "Greek". We have therefore reserved this section for criticism of the works of these modern Greek and western writers:


*   A.B. Daskalakis – Hellenism

*   Nicholas Martis - The Falsification of Macedonian History

*   Manolis Andronikos - Vergina: The Royal Tombs

*   Michael Sakellariou - Macedonia: 4000 years of Greek History

*   Malcolm Errington - A History of Macedonia

*   N.G.L.Hammond - The Macedonian State and History of Macedonia

*   Michael Wood - In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great: A Journey from Greece to Asia


What can we conclude from the above analysis? Relying on authentic ancient and modern evidence we found clear mistakes and distortions made by the modern Greek and Western authors Sakellariou, Martis, Daskalakis, Hammond, Errington, and Wood, for falsely portraying the history of Macedonia by ascribing incorrect (Greek) ethnic identity to the ancient Macedonians. Alexander the Great would have turned in his grave had he known that he is being portrayed as Greek today by such unqualified historians and the descendents of the very ancient Greeks whom he slaughtered at Chaeronea and Thebes, and who were one of the greatest obstacle he had to face while conquering Persia. However, this ‘Greek’ position is nowadays regarded as outdated and finally thrown out from the history, pawing the way for the modern historiography where the Macedonians are rightfully presented as distinct nation, just like in the ancient writings.


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